Outsourcing is Good: Guest Posting is Now Available!


This blog was created as an excuse to grab cute Pixivs. Do you like to write and help me find more cute Pixivs? Guest post here~!

Have you found an obscure anime you like to talk about? An op-ed about visual novels being art? Or what about a rant on that new Evangelion film people keep praising?

I am willing to allow people to write anything interesting. Just anything as long as it’s interesting.

The requirements are simple:

  • The post has to be your own work obviously~
  • You haven’t posted it anywhere else~
  • Your subject must be interesting~
  • It has been proof-read because mistakes are silly~
  • Don’t be boring~

It’s optional to include pictures. If it doesn’t have any, I’ll get an excuse to get onto Pixiv and get some more~.

Contact me via @kudwafternoon or comment here if you’re interested!


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