Hitlerkastel Does Not Like Kaiba One Bit


Hi, I am a pseudo-aniblogger and I do not like Kaiba.

It was boring.

No — seriously, it was plain boring. You had to be nuts to find this watchable. It is animated in an episodic fashion, each going into supporting characters (who we never meet again except for one). Their characterizations are told in a slipshod formalist fashion and a simple formula can be deciphered from this boring anime:

MC is walking -> meets Supporting Character X -> Supporting Character X is suffering -> MC peers into the subconscious -> SX X remembers memories -> sentimental piano music -> SC X either dies or cries -> MC goes to a different location

It wouldn’t be a horrible formula without context. There are many formulaic episodic anime that are awesome (Kino no Tabi, Aria); the problem here is that it’s not being used in an entertaining fashion.

Say what you want about ART DOESNT NEED ENTERTAINMENT because the truth is: it does. Interesting works are entertaining. Serial Experiments Lain‘s intrigue is created from the technobabble atmosphere; Haibane Renmei and Shinsekai Yori have strong worlds and you just want to know more of it. This is entertainment value.

It’s just in a different form: a more ‘intellectual’ way, if you will.

And so, Kaiba doesn’t have any entertainment value besides its wacky visuals. I will admit Yuasa built up a beautiful world, but the characters are boring. Its visuals overstayed its welcome; I would like it if this was a short like Yuasa’s work in Genius Party. But Kaiba just feels dragged out. This is a pity because it could be a good work that talks about memories. But it just fails into connecting me into the narrative and I just didn’t care.

So I can’t hide the fact I didn’t like this work one bit. Truthfully, it isn’t awful; it’s just average. My rating is a 5/10 and I’m the only one who rated the work that low. I did not shit bricks from how ‘different’ it was or something. And I can’t stand average works getting rave comments.

Jeez people, go to a cinema and watch real art films like Eraserhead and Hotel Monterey. Now, those are art films: artistic works that give us a peek towards the artist’s creative imagination.

Or if you’re cool like me, watch Kyousogiga.


3 thoughts on “Hitlerkastel Does Not Like Kaiba One Bit

  1. Tinky May 6, 2013 / 5:09 pm

    you suck kastel

  2. Sabas May 6, 2013 / 6:07 pm

    “Eraserhead and Hotel Monterey”
    Are there anime versions of those?

    • Kastel May 6, 2013 / 6:09 pm

      Nothing on Hotel Monterey but I found uh this for Eraserhead.

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