Flyable Heart – Sakurako Route —

VN Information
Company: Unison Shift: BLOSSOM
Scenario Writer: Agobaria, Ichikawa Tamaki, Kazama Bonanza
Artist: Itoi Noichi, Pero, Sasakura Ayato
Music: Mizutsuki Ryoukiyo
Genre: “slice-of-life”, uhh…………
Release Date: March 19, 2009
Links: Official siteVNDBEGS

Misc. Stuff
Translation: Currently being translated by Umikaze Translations
Recommended if you enjoy: boobs being squished, really weird KEY magic
Similar VNs: Tomoyo After, One, Moon
Will people feels: Yes, you will feels Sakurako’s breasts
Kastel’s arbitrary VNDB score: N/A

Harumade, Kururu: Harems in My Speculative Fiction

If this game ever gets translated (which is very likely because I know a translator is working on it), Katawa Shoujo developers will have a ball with it. I can imagine those tweets already: “Porn. All of it is porn.” They will be far worse than the ones on Kajitsu. They’ll also go on Dan Kim’s podcast to utter their disgust over Harumade, Kururu: “Those damn nukige are nothing but filth. Harukuru is merely a generic harem with some awful SF backdrop.”

And I’ll have to copy everything down they say and change every instance of said visual novel to Katawa Shoujo. It’s exhausting 😦

But for once, our KS devs are partially right. As in 1/100000000th right.

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