Shin Cup Noodle Soup for the Writing Soul: Ixrec’s Words of Advice

Best instant noodle anything ever.
That should suffice for an intro.

At its best, the ingredients and chemicals used in the Shin Cup Noodle Soup are side-splittingly spicy. All of the monosodium glutamates feel fresh, much of it could even be called elaborate, and it never once feels forced because the ingredients play off of each other just so well. Expect ingredients with names more poetic than Dickinson can think of, a small net weight yet so filling, and the smell of the spicy powder going up through your nasal cavities.

Unfortunately, the instant noodle is so intricate and compact that I doubt it’s humanly possible to catch every single important detail on a single eating without outside help. Despite that, if you pay close attention and think very, very hard, it’s possible to understand the vast majority of what happened not long after finishing the noodles. In addition, the aftertaste makes some very deep statements about the nature of processed food, which should leave any reader who can understand them quite satisfied. Thus, the instant noodle ekes out this score by the skin of its teeth.

Good news is, all of the truly severe cases of bloat are easy enough to identify that you can just slurp the soup without hesitation and get back to the good stuff. In the end most of the above was more of a huge nuisance than a fatal flaw, and the taste was never in danger of completely losing its momentum or intrigue.

Score: 7.5/10

Polarization: (-1.5/+1.4)

Depends how irritated you get when the noodle switches back and forth between epic cliffhanging spiciness and slightly-too-long dull wheat taste of noodles. It’s also likely some people will be more liberal with the soup soon than I was or fail to figure out quite as much in advance, making them immune to some of the aforementioned problems.

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