Code Geass Man: Kastel of the Rebellion – Episode 26: But What About the Clannad Man?

Five minutes after I published my previous post, I tweeted how I wasn’t able to differentiate the Clannad Man drama and Code Geass because I was following the former and watching the latter at the same time. Both are entertaining trainwrecks that make no sense.

A few seconds later, Key15th updated. The lastest post: Clannad Man wrote a supposedly full disclosure of the Kickstarter post.

I laughed.

I clicked on the link and the post starts with:

I write to you today utterly dejected.


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The Clannad Man in “The Collapsing Stage”

Previously on “The Clannad Man Case”, Clannad Man went to #TLWiki. It didn’t work out well.

We move onto Act III of this disastrous play. It reminds me of the Spiderman Broadway musical a year ago. And Code Geass. While this post will be short, new information has surfaced. I have decided to share them for the shits and giggles as this Code Geass-like play is drawing to a close.

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The Conversation Between Clannad Man and Vava

Once upon a time, Clannad Man made a Kickstarter documentary project called key15th: A Visual Documentary. Key15th is a project where fans send letters to KEY. This Kickstarter is an off-shoot from this project. And this pissed people off. For starters, the documentary project didn’t state its itinerary and Clannad Man made no confirmation that he would meet any of KEY’s staff. It was also an illegal Kickstarter project because it was using Madoka Magica products as its rewards.

At about 10pm last night, fuji_fruit and his TLWiki friends were pissed about key15th as usual. One of them thought, “You know what, fuji, send a tweet to vava and see what happens.” And everyone thought it was a great idea. So fuji sent a tweet to vava.

vava is the president of Visual Arts, which owns KEY. At midnight, he tweeted:

ナニこれ。私は聞いてない。ということは、新しい詐欺なの? I have not heard. That means, new scam? RT @Fuji_fruit: @vavasyatyou

This naturally became a huge scandal.

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A Tract on Why I Love Subarashiki Hibi

1. Subarashiki Hibi is the best work of art I’ve ever laid my hands upon.
1.1. This includes the books I’ve read, the films I’ve watched, the paintings I admired, the music I’ve listened to, the poetry I’ve recited, the plays I’ve loved, and everything else that can be seen as art.
1.11. Not to mention it has defeated works that have stayed in my top works of art lists for years (Muv-Luv Alternative, Jude the Obscure, If On a Winter’s Night to name a few)
1.111. SubaHibi is larger than any of those mentioned.
1.12. It may be years for SubaHibi to lose its seat (for me at least) as the #1 artwork of all time.
1.2. And there are many reasons — reasons that are best written in the form of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus.
1.21. However, it is not to be pretentious. It is to condense multitudes of thoughts (that, if written like an essay will be more than 3,000 words) into a readable, simple tract.
1.3. The whole sense of this review might be summed up the following words: Subarashiki Hibi is the kind of work that should be part of academic literature.

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