The Clannad Man in “The Collapsing Stage”

Previously on “The Clannad Man Case”, Clannad Man went to #TLWiki. It didn’t work out well.

We move onto Act III of this disastrous play. It reminds me of the Spiderman Broadway musical a year ago. And Code Geass. While this post will be short, new information has surfaced. I have decided to share them for the shits and giggles as this Code Geass-like play is drawing to a close.

For example, you know that nice picture of people (“Various Supporters of the Key15th Intuitive”) in the Anime North 2013 post? Turns out there’s a funny story to it.

The “Various Supporters of the Key15th Intuitive” is a conglomeration of “various doki staff and random IRL friends of staff and oh also clannad man”. It seems that they just met up one day during a convention. Good ol’ Clannad Man titled the picture misleadingly as if the people there had supported the Key15th initiative. Of course, this doesn’t mean any one of them is against the project, but it is factually a random meet-up at some Applebee’s.

On a sad note, Clannad Man has recently deleted his LinkedIn profile (edit: On light of new information, I have appended my mistakes: in fact, he has made it private). Which is a pity because I wanted to put it in to show the world that he is indeed lying about the X-Change company crap. But thankfully, caches save the day. I like to thank Kaisos for saving this wonderful resume information on a pastebin. I hope you may use this info to contact him for future documentary projects.

At noontime, Doki Fansubs had investigated this issue accordingly; the link to this blog post is in the IRC log below. Delwack went to #TLWiki this noon and I luckily forgot to turn off my computer. #killingdatreez #yolo

And yes, Moogy and herkz, I don’t check #TLWiki logs. Shame on me~

There are also some short sections relating to Clannad Man and Kickstarters that I saved. They’re not too important, but they’re short and are funny. Again, I edited the timestamps out and omitted unnecessary information like SCA-JI’s Sakura no Uta. What kind of autistic retard cares about SCA-JI anyway???

Delwack: hey everyone, just wanted to say we at doki posted an update on the clannad_man situation.  you can read our thoughts/investigation here:

flamingspinach: cool

flamingspinach: nice IRC logs

velocity7: i’m glad they at least came to this proper analysis

velocity7: i’m open to discussions about the whole ordeal tbh, but not with clannad_man

kMisuzu: w

flamingspinach: [Delwack] release everything in english first.

flamingspinach: [Delwack] baba can wait honestly.

flamingspinach: this

flamingspinach: sitting around saying “i’m translating it, i’m translating it, i’m 整うing my 説明s” doesn’t cut it

Delwack: alright

Delwack: sorry about the fuck up

velocity7: mm

Delwack: he’s done some good work with us over the years, and has been a friend to us.

Delwack: but this his mispresentations are unaceptalbe

Delwack: I’m not sure if I believe him or not.

Delwack: are you okay with us continuing our work using yours as a basis?

velocity7: if things are done in good faith then yes

Delwack: I want to do things in good faith.

velocity7: alright

Delwack: this is not a situation we wanted.  we never wanted to steal credit from you or anyone else.  we love the work you’ve done.

velocity7 nods

Delwack: thank you.

flamingspinach: [Delwack] the other point has to do with doki-vn and the projects.

flamingspinach: [Delwack] we’ve worked on some of it yes, but we haven’t yet had a release

flamingspinach: [Delwack] for LB and Clannad

flamingspinach: [Delwack] if you’re going to say you lead those projects, please add additional context to that so it isn’t misinterpreted.

flamingspinach:[Delwack] beucase as far as the public is concerned, we haven’t done anything for them yet.

flamingspinach: that might be something you might want to add to the blog post (though maybe it’s not necessary)

Delwack: I can do that.

flamingspinach: just btw in case anyone thinks otherwise, I’m just a guy who hangs out in here and knows a bunch of people in this channel, I’m not officially offiliated with tlwiki or anything

flamingspinach: people like velocity7 are probably who you really wanted to talk to I guess

kMisuzu:for what it’s worth, the people he is selling this to won’t have a clue what either entails and may or may not signify, it’s like a human resources person doing interviews for a highly technical role

Delwack: then things need to be especailly clear, and this is certainly not it.

kMisuzu: apologizes for grammatical errors i am running on steam

flamingspinach: whether the project will lose support after he comes clean and removes the vague and misleading stuff from his kickstarter remains to be seen

flamingspinach: if it doesn’t, so be it, but that doesn’t mean that leaving the vague and misleading stuff up there is the right thing to do

Delwack: I agree.

flamingspinach: one thing that he really needs to do is own up to the circumstances behind the cancellation of the project

velocity7: well if you’re going to do a kickstarter, it should at least have the blessings of the copyright owners involved, and not have any misleading comments

flamingspinach: the fact that the president of VA’s first thought on seeing the project was that it was a scam is something that the backers should not be kept in the dark about

flamingspinach: that shouldn’t be just swept under the rug as “I had a conversation with the president of VA”

kMisuzu: he certainly seems to avoid owning his failures, or stubbornly clings to his lack of accountability

kMisuzu: I would not hire him

flamingspinach: and some backers in the comments are actually asking about exactly that (like, they want a record of this conversation, etc.)

flamingspinach: one poor guy — and I mentioned this yesterday — thinks that Clannad_Man actually contacted VA of his own accord to talk to them about the project, and decided to back the kickstarter *because* of that

flamingspinach: that’s just wrong

Delwack: very much so.

sutol: It’s not getting funded anyway

flamingspinach: Clannad_Man says he intends to start it back up again eventually

kMisuzu: i worry about that

kMisuzu: without the rewards he will have more difficultly

velocity7: he could always, you know, start a donation drive

kMisuzu: but saa

velocity7 shrugs

Delwack: ugh.

flamingspinach: or he could always sell those rewards on ebay or something to raise money that way

kMisuzu: maybe he’ll go away for a few months, come up with a real plan and do it right, that would be okay

Delwack: yeah

kMisuzu: as long as he doesn’t mislead other fans to raise money for his fun

Moogy: nobody would care if he just funded it using his own money, lol

kMisuzu: yeah

flamingspinach: obviously yeah

Delwack: well my understanding is he was going to put some more of his own money into it too based on what he said

Delwack: but I didn’t dig deeper, and I’ve learned that not digging deeper is a mistake with him.

flamingspinach: and I don’t care if random people on ebay decide to buy ridiculously marked up genga from Clannad_Man, at least there they’re not being suckered into “supporting” some grand cause

kMisuzu: ^

Moogy: people who buy stuff for ridiculous prices on ebay deserve it for not doing their research

Moogy: i have to imagine every once in a while someone actually buys one of those 1000 dollar copies of chrono trigger or whatever

Moogy: otherwise why would people keep putting them up

[random discussion omitted]

velocity7: [Clannad_Man] I can’t talk now, but I would like to say thank you for altering your decision. I will have a post up on Key15th shortly.

flamingspinach: velocity7: who’s he talking to, and what decision?

velocity7: to me

velocity7: i got it in PM just now

flamingspinach: I thought you said you didn’t want to talk to Clannad_Man lol

velocity7: i didn’t

velocity7: he’s sending me those messages

flamingspinach: hah

Delwack: I annouced it in one of our channels, that we’re good to go still

Delwack: he’s still has a guest status there

flamingspinach: oh in doki?

Delwack: yes

Delwack: he still has*

flamingspinach: what does velocity7 have to do with Clannad_Man’s status in doki…

Delwack: cm probably pmed him because I annouced in our staff channel we were good to continue with using the bt-basis for clannad

flamingspinach: ahh

flamingspinach: I didn’t realize bt had originally withdrawn permission

Delwack: velocity7 put up a post yesterday saying they were cutting relations to us becuase of it, and would not support the project becuase of the misrepresentations.  I didn’t feel it right to continue to build off the previous work unless we had that support.

Delwack: it’s on baka-tsuki’s clannad page.

flamingspinach: I see

Vito: clannad guy was breaking kickstarter ToS anyways

Vito: I wonder what bullshit he told them about the settei

herkz: [Clannad_Man] I do not have to answer these people

herkz: lol

herkz: good chat log

kMisuzu: wao

kMisuzu: such grace

kMisuzu: very handled

[1 hour later]

izmos joined the chat room.

flamingspinach: hi izmos

izmos: hey fs

izmos: sup

flamingspinach: dunno, not much I guess

izmos: see you guys been discussing this clannad man huh

flamingspinach: yeah he was in here yesterday

izmos: i told phlebz why are they not complaining to kickstarter that he takes credit for lb translation

izmos: it’s so wrong

jp302: kickstarter has a pattern of not giving a shit about poor publicity or tos violations if they might make a lot of money

jp302: see: 9 year old girl goes to rpg camp

izmos: I would be very pissed someone would take credit for one of my projects

izmos: on a public place like kickstarter

flamingspinach: lol did that 9 year old girl eventually make it to rpg camp

jp302: flamingspinach: apparently, this is the website

Moogy: wow

Moogy: extremely good url

[4 hours later]


shigland: haha oh wow

Moogy: how many domains did he register

kMisuzu: no

kMisuzu: w

koestl: he’s a real clannad man / living in his clannad land / making all his clannad plans

Kasuteru: good poem

On one last note, this is old news but I think everyone knows about The Clannad Man’s Facebook Page at this point. He currently has about 2,000++ likes as of this writing. I think these likes are a combination of cult-of-personality BS and dumb Facebook users thinking this is the Clannad Facebook page.

Hopefully, people will realize Clannad Man is not the hero international KEY fans need. I’ve recently gone through Tumblr (bad ideas) and seen some hateful comments about KEY. The Tumblrites has written KEY fans are manipulative and I ask people who are linking to my blog posts for this silly hatred to stop. Clannad Man is not representative of the international KEY community, as kortir explains in his good blog summary post, at all.

Well, that should about covers it.

Hm, what else?

Oh yeah, I better check the Kickstarter page. I think there’s a new update? Oh, there it is.

Hello everyone. It has come to my attention several people feel the project has been misrepresented. While I wrote up a response early yesterday morning, due to current circumstances, I feel it is necessary to clarify the post further.

Here’s the short story: I flat out screwed up the execution of parts of this Kickstarter, and these issues deserve to be clarified. While I have received some less than savory messages regarding my character, I am thankful that these issues were brought to my attention so I can resolve them properly.

The complete update will be posted later today. Thank you.

PS – To those who were asking, the Kickstarter page cannot be edited once cancelled. There is nothing I can change about the content/rewards listed.


Edit: Five minutes later (yes, it’s that exact), Key15th updated with a full disclosure post. I think this Kickstarter is really attached to me or something.

You know, this is surprisingly similar to Code Geass‘s fucked up schedule. A bit too similar…

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