Code Geass Man: Kastel of the Rebellion – Episode 26: But What About the Clannad Man?

Five minutes after I published my previous post, I tweeted how I wasn’t able to differentiate the Clannad Man drama and Code Geass because I was following the former and watching the latter at the same time. Both are entertaining trainwrecks that make no sense.

A few seconds later, Key15th updated. The lastest post: Clannad Man wrote a supposedly full disclosure of the Kickstarter post.

I laughed.

I clicked on the link and the post starts with:

I write to you today utterly dejected.


Dejectedkastel doesn’t like to read long blog posts, especially ones that mean nothing in the end. Have you folks read Politics and the English Language? George Orwell laments how writing in those days (and even now) are convoluted with passive phrases, sentences that mean nothing, and et cetera. Political writing is filled with those. After all, passive sentences, especially one written in a passive voice, can be used to convolute a meaning of a sentence; it’s boring to read a passive sentence.

In fact, this is like reading a statement from a politician who took a picture of his wiener and claiming he didn’t do it.

Recall the various “I’m sorry” campaigns by Tiger Woods, that BP manager guy during the oil spill, and so on. They all use the same techniques to shift their blame towards other people. As you read these selected quotes from the myriad bullshits and my analysis on them, tell me — do you want to trust Clannad Man again?

I have “over-quoted” them in case someone says they’re unfairly selected.

1. It was due to the uncertainty regarding which studio(s) might be ultimately be involved in the production that led me to use ‘The Grand X-Change Co.’ as the providers of the production team. In retrospect, this usage appears especially ignorant because it creates a sense of conflict of interest when there otherwise wouldn’t be any. Note: this is what happens when you write and proofread documents in the early hours of the morning. Generally, it’s a bad idea.

First off, the hilarious “note” is, if I may use a cliche, a ticking time-bomb. Why, I ask, did Clannad Man compile a set of legal documents in “the early hours of the morning” if he knows “this is what happens”? It’s a pretty dangerous situation to just say, “Oops, my bad.”

I must also note the lack of “I”s. In the whole post, he writes a million “I” but he avoided saying “I”. Rather, it’s a “you”. This disingenuous blame-shifting becomes like this:

“Hey, imagine you’re writing documents at like 6AM. That’s what happens.”

It’s a subtle way of saying, “I wrote documents at 6AM. I’m kinda dumb.”

2. Regarding the second Kickstarter update: when Takahiro Baba tweeted his concern about the project after being told of its suspicious nature, I considered how the situation could be approached. I chose to have a sense of optimism, believing that I could quickly respond, explain what my intentions were, and clear up any misunderstandings quickly. I even thought that I might be able to use the campaign as a way to quantify signs of enthusiasm from members of the Key community to suggest that there was a stronger potential for profitability in localizing Key games than what he might otherwise have thought.

In the political science world, this is a textbook example of ‘spinning the facts’. It is the act of disingenuously changing actual facts to “truths” that favor for or against an opinion. In this case, Clannad Man either believes Takahiro Baba’s “WHAT THE HECK IS THIS IS THIS SOME SORT OF SCAM” leads to a friendly discussion or he’s spinning the truth.

“But Kastel, he might genuinely believe it!”

If this is true, then where’s the Kickstarter explanation to Baba? Okay, let’s give him a chance and assume that he really did believe it and is now preparing his explanation. Then, why the fabulous #TLWiki entrance?

There is no rational explanation for this. Either he is completely out of his mind or he is spinning the truth. And it’s to preserve his public image.

3. Unfortunately, I am not particularly competent in Japanese and could not find a way to convey my thoughts without another’s assistance… By the time I realized I would unable to find a translator to assist with my efforts, it was already too late for me to modify the Kickstarter update, making it almost seem like a mockery.

The more you read this, I hope you, my readers, begin to ask yourself questions. This one is fairly easy: “Why didn’t you get a translator in the first place?” Clannad Man already got a bunch of cameramen supposedly. And this is a documentary set in Japan! Wouldn’t it make sense to get a Japanese translator? I mean, how the hell are you going to communicate with the locals?

I cannot, for one, believe this is due to reckless management. There are way too many logistical errors to account. It’s also unfortunate the last sentence of that quote is a lie. You are in fact allowed to modify the pledges; you just can’t modify pledges that were already pledged.

4. Unable to communicate my intentions or those of fans, and with growing suspicion surrounding the documentary due to lacking information, the logical course of action seemed to be to shut down the project and evaluate everything people were now posting about on various social networks, blogs, etc.

This is a great way to call out me and my blogger friends. I, the esteemed blogger of the aptly named “Oppai is Justice”, have covered this news from day 1. Other bloggers have followed suit and I have linked to them. A wonderful circlejerk that I am proud to be part of. It is my pleasure to help the public find out the truth, not the lies you spin.

So I found it distasteful that you say these readers of ours are supposedly “evaluating” the facts. As if the facts are “subjective”. So I ask you: do you feel happy being called “evaluators” of the truth? As if the facts of the truth can be wrong because of your “evaluation”?

5. People chose to ask what locations would be traveled to. This information was intended to be shared with everyone as time went on; as of the last time I checked the document, there were 74 locations from Key works (and their respective anime adaptations) which were identified with a handful of other ‘bonus material’ locations which were on route. However, as it stands, the list is incomplete; I intended to map out several other locations I had identified over the coming weeks. Due to weather, unexpected closures, holidays, etc., not all of the locations were going to be covered, though it provided the project with flexibility going forward. (I’d still like to release the completed location list on Google Maps at a later time, however.)

An incomplete list? My, nice traveling plans you got there. It is also amusing to note that all of these stuff can be found on the web. I just Googled and found a nice blog on Clannad.

Maybe you should plan in the afternoon, not the morning, Clannad Man.

6. Some people have mentioned that I should be ashamed for claiming other people’s credit for having claimed to have led the English localization projects for Clannad, Little Busters!, and Tomoyo After. I have never had any intention of taking credit for other people’s work. I oversaw and helped restart the VN Division at Doki for a time and organized for those projects to be continued by Doki from the prior project masters. As patches from Doki for Clannad & Little Busters! have not yet been released, some people feel that terminology is more appropriate than saying I ‘led’ them. To me, the terminology seems like a minor issue; I give all the credit in the world to the previous project leaders and contributors to these projects for having made the sacrifices necessary to spread Key’s beautiful stories to fans around the world. Early work on Clannad, Kanon, etc. was instrumental in fostering my interest in Key works, and I hold nothing but appreciation for having been exposed to it.

I like nuances. Especially when it’s dumb~

The most incriminating quote is “To me, the terminology seems like a minor issue”, which is a contradiction to this whole paragraph. How does the previously quoted sentence align itself to “I have never had any intention of taking credit for other people’s work”? These statements clash with each other. It’s like saying, “I don’t think calling myself a leader is a big issue; on the other hand, here are the actual leaders and contributors for these projects.”

Also, I find this sentence, “I give all the credit in the world to the previous project leaders and contributors to these projects for having made the sacrifices necessary to spread Key’s beautiful stories to fans around the world”, pandering Maji 2000%.

And the “some people” obviously refers to the #TLWiki peeps including myself. Just say our names already!

7. While my errors have been careless, incompetent, foolish, and have led some to believe me to be a scam artist, I would actually like to thank those who called out these problems (though it would have been nice if I was contacted directly first so this ordeal could have been presented).

Again, this is shifting the blame. “Though it would have been nice if I was already contacted directly first”? Well, Clannad Man is blaming two demographics, the first being #TLWiki and the second this Kickstarter’s backers.

“Their backers? How?”

Clannad Man is arguing that people who took notice of this Kickstarter should have contacted him in the first place. There are only two groups who noticed them. In essence, he is blaming his Kickstarter supporters as well for not notifying him.

He’s a really good guy.

8. I mentioned on the Kickstarter page FAQ that I went through the platform to allow for open accountability. That’s exactly what I got; for this reason, I can be glad that the system worked. I would very much encourage someone to continue this effort if they are so inclined, as the early success of the project suggests that there is a demand for such a documentary to take place.

This is a politically correct way to say, “Oops, my bad. Someone, please take up this mess for me. I’m outta here.”

9.I don’t know if my words will reach whoever is reading this, but nonetheless, I offer my sincere apologies for anyone who may have been affected or adversely affected by the existence of this Kickstarter in any way. I tried to get this going in a limited timeframe, and that caused me to make careless errors and take shortcuts in my personal review process which I would never otherwise find acceptable.

I’ll let the readers have fun with this. Especially this “pls pity me” phrase, “I don’t know if my words will reach whoever is reading this”.

10. My intentions have always been to spread the joy of Key works with as many people as possible and to be a part of the vibrant community that has been fostered. I would love to continue to do so and sincerely hope I will not be ostracized for my errors. As those that know me can attest, I would never intentionally do something to harm the Key community.

This has been a very long few days. I need to rest. I wish everyone reading all the best.

Sincerely hope that you will not be ostracized for your errors? Uh, sure. I guess so. Hoping doesn’t mean the community will forgive you.

As you may have noted, there are zero sorrys. There is “sincere apologies” in the 9th quote, but that’s it. One instance of actual apology.

This is what I mean about long posts meaning nothing. In the end, the title of that post is a lie. All of this post, especially the quotes I picked out, have nothing to do with apology.

Sure, he ‘regrets’ his decisions. But to the naysayers out there, can you find another statement that says, “Look, I’m sorry for doing this” that isn’t the “sincere apologies” sentence? There isn’t. I checked.

The whole post is basically, “Okay, I did this Error X but here’s why.” And the explanations are nothing but shifting the blame or spinning the truth around. This is not an apology; this is shifting the blame.

Clannad Man is not the hero the international KEY community needs.

I like to give thanks to Good_Haro, Kaisos, flamingspinach, and other people who I forgot for helping me understand this mess. You guys are a big help.


20 thoughts on “Code Geass Man: Kastel of the Rebellion – Episode 26: But What About the Clannad Man?

  1. Kaisos October 31, 2013 / 7:07 am

    So are you going to make a Kickstarter to go to Britannia and film important places in Code Geass?

    • Kastel October 31, 2013 / 7:11 am

      Yes, I plan to go to Area 11 this January. Please donate.

      • Kaisos October 31, 2013 / 7:17 am

        Only if you give me a photocopied settei of CC’s butt

  2. Sambuca October 31, 2013 / 11:06 am

    Now don’t get me wrong, I love KEY and all that and blah,blah,blah…
    But holy hell, I am SO glad he got called out on his shit. And he just keeps making it worse, it’s like the Human Torch trying to put out a forest-fire.

  3. raptuz October 31, 2013 / 12:27 pm

    Thanks for the article, but the interpretation of Quote 7 is too much of a stretch, really. He’s only directly blaming the people who publicized the problems, not the backers (who, rationally, should not have backed if they noticed that something was amiss).

    • Kastel October 31, 2013 / 5:44 pm

      If you read the investigation chatlog, it’s clear he is blaming his backers as well.

      [Delwack] people shouldn’t need to reach out to you for clarification.
      [Delwack] it should be clear from reading their shit on kickstarter.
      [Delwack] most people will pledge without asking questions, they shouldn’t need to.
      [Clannad_Man] No, they should really clarify if there are any questions

  4. Fellow October 31, 2013 / 2:50 pm

    Unlike the Clannad Man, which I don’t understand, Code Geass actually does make sense though.

    It’s not realistic, but that’s another matter, and only a “trainwreck” if you miss that the creators were having fun not taking everything too seriously and being over-the-top. A pity you have trouble getting that.

    • Kastel October 31, 2013 / 5:45 pm

      … I don’t think you understand my analogy.

      • Fellow October 31, 2013 / 7:31 pm

        You said: “Both are entertaining trainwrecks that make no sense.”

        And then I replied to that.

  5. Dao October 31, 2013 / 6:15 pm

    The real question is, is he still part of the key “kazoku”?


  6. cyth October 31, 2013 / 8:22 pm

    Not like I donated to the guy or anything, I don’t even like KS projects that just feed on other’s dreams to make their own happen, but your post pretty much is just useless circle jerking.

    I think it’s a safer choice to call him a scammer, I mean who wouldn’t be afraid of potentially being called a naive fool for supporting a dubious project? That being said, I believe the guy. Yeah, we all laughed our asses off as the drama was unfolding, but truth be told he doesn’t feel like a scammer to me, he’s just a really dumb guy. As is the case with real scammers, you don’t know they’re going to hit you. KS has seen its share. If I were a KS scammer, I would make sure to package the project as ambitiously and as inviting as it possibly could be. I would list crazy rewards, set up unachievable goals, just make it look like it can be done. The bigger the lie the better it is. People eat that shit up on KS. There have been projects where people just took off with the money. It happens. This guy wasn’t even capable of deceiving the public, he’s not much of a scammer.

    Your problem, my dear blogger, is that you can only see the wall of text and pounce on it like a small child pounces on his bed. Try taking an empathy pill, you’ll see that this guy tried his best to explain his perspective. I will give you that he should have said more “I”s and a direct “I’m sorry,” but honestly? If you’re Clannad Man and you think, naively, that you’re doing everything right, would you really feel guilty when all you did was your best?

    He’s a fool, but an honest fool. Enjoy your troll parade.

    • Kastel October 31, 2013 / 9:23 pm

      “but your post pretty much is just useless circle jerking.”

      Uh, sure. I popularized the Clannad Man ordeal and I do like myself very much. I once saw myself at the mirror and found myself very attractive as a little girl. Everyone else followed my suit, but I will give credit to the people who helped me write these posts. They deserve it.

      “Try taking an empathy pill, you’ll see that this guy tried his best to explain his perspective.”

      I suggest reading the post again. You may be arguing for the old maxim, “never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by incompetence”, but it doesn’t work here. If he did try his best to explain his perspective, why did he go to #TLWiki to start a fabulous war and then, call out on me and fuji_fruit?

      Glad you agree on the other points though!!!

      • rokudaimehokageRokudaime October 31, 2013 / 9:44 pm

        The only one who is twisting people’s words here is you…I read this whole blog post with a sincere mindset, but the majority of it to me seems like blatant lies, twisting around what CM actually said, and just plain rubbish…I’m dissapointed in you…The way I see it, he did apologize, and he did explain things, and he did adress all the necessary issues. He may be incompetent, and a bit of a fool (and I admit, he does have a bit of an ego), but I don’t for a moment belive that his intentions were malicious. I’ve known him for a long time at Doki, and the guy sincerely loves to spread the word of KEY, and help people with KEY related questions. He’s a nice, friendly, and helpful guy. He also possesses way above average knowledge about KEY and all their products, even among other KEY fans.

    • rokudaimehokageRokudaime October 31, 2013 / 9:35 pm

      Glad to see there is at least one reasonably sensible person on this blog at least…

    • Kaisos November 1, 2013 / 12:02 am


  7. Holo November 1, 2013 / 7:49 pm

    Lol, trolls doing what they do best. Beautiful.

    • Kastel November 1, 2013 / 8:06 pm

      #holo #rolo #yolo

  8. cyanideblizzard November 22, 2013 / 7:39 pm

    First off, I apologize for reviving what is essentially a dead topic. I generally fade in and out of the VN community for months at a time, and the last time I was active was shortly around the time when Clannad Man’s Kickstarter was posted in a chat I frequent and was discussed. I was curious what happened to it and then I stumbled upon this. Yeah.

    I just wanted to add this, because this whole situation is just so facepalm worthy. That, and I seriously enjoy reading your written work. I spent a good two hours coming through information last night and it was well worth it!

    So the biggest interesting point I’ve found is there seems to be no level ground in terms of discussion. It’s really a shame that an olive branch couldn’t of been extended and something discussed behind closed doors with a select few people so that the conversation could remain as untainted as possible.

    Don’t get me wrong, his Kickstarter was shady and it deserved to be called out on such. I find it hard to believe that in the process of creating one, he would go through the processes of drafting up such an idea, planning for it, getting a team ready, etc and then neglect the most basic of information. As someone who does Project Management, it’s absolutely laughable. No one would even consider latching onto a business deal like that, regardless of how good it sounds to the fans or how sincere the individual may be. You’d be laughed out of a meeting with that kind of presentation.

    With that in mind, I sincerely think Clannad Man is a mixture of two worlds. I don’t personally know the guy, and I can only judge by the posts he’s done and the things he’s made claims towards. This, alongside what has been proven to be true and false, make up my opinion of him. I think there’s a genuine, fan sincerity of delivering a product. I also think that there was clear and concise motive to also make a profit from this as well in a method that isn’t exactly transparent. Especially under the notion that your customers need to ask questions. Regardless of how well you may have everything planned out, you always need to dumb things down as significantly as possible to clarify for everyone. Even then, you are still going to end up creating confusion at times. The customer is always king.

    All business ventures are out to gain some form of a profit. It’s a pretty pointless venture, generally speaking, to pursue something like this without any form of capital gain. Putting aside negligence and human error, the whole Kickstarter reads like a business plan thinly veiled as a fan proposition. There’s no doubt that there would be a great deal of fan based content judging by how passionate he is when it comes to his fandom of Key, but the general lack of experience and the many numerous other qualities mentioned just strike me as bizarre, not to mention odd. I’ve learned when you can poke enough holes though something, it’s going to sink.

    I like the PolySci bit you covered the most though. In all honesty, this whole experience strikes very similar to any politician or businessman. Right down to the choice of wording. If we were talking business-wise, I’d say it was smart of him. but this isn’t just business, it’s about representing a demographic and carrying a fan base (in a sense). It’s about what was uncovered in between the lines and the choice of actions after such.

    Kastel, bottom line is I’m glad you do what you do. In a more recent post he wanted to let the drama fester between those that were still participating and while no side is free of clean hands in terms of lack of professionalism, it doesn’t change the fact that the internet still does something remarkable well.

    It services as a great bullshit detector.

    Thank you.

    • cyanideblizzard November 22, 2013 / 7:41 pm

      Coming should be combing.

      The tablet auto correct decided that my super lengthy post had to have a slight hint of sexual feeling to it.

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