Sins of the Discourse — A New Year’s Poem by ヒドイ小島

Jobless in the deepest night,
Reaching out, grasping for a fleeting classified ad.
All the thoughts keep pissing on this broken mind.
I fall, but I’m still standing motionless.

Far in the backlog,
There are media — media to consume — these scars of old.
All this 積ん毒(読) reminds me of what I am.
I’ll live, I’ll become all I need to be.


Words that kill. Would you read them to me
With your breath so still? It makes me subvocalize
In the Aniblogger’s sins.
Let me suffer now and never die. I’m alive.

Memes feed their blackened hearts
And the tweets must be shittier to fuel hypocrisy.
Watching Ai-Mai-Mi is the only way to repent.
Renounce what made you.
Words that kill. Would you tweet them to me?
With your screencaps so still, it makes me masturbate.

The Sins never die. Can’t wash this semen off our hands.
Let the world fear us all, it’s just means to an end.
Our salvation lies in the Shittweeter’s sins
Beyond the Danbooru. Let me suffer now.

In my heart, I just know that there’s no way to say we didn’t start the fire. It’s always been burning since the world’s been turning.



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