An Anonymous on Clannad Man’s Kickstarter Disclosure Post

Editorkastel Note: Someone contacted me to put this up, so I did. I did nothing to the work except put kawaii pictures. All credits go to this Anon.

Hi there, Anonymous here. You might know me from my infamy on 2ch and 4chan, my politically motivated hacking attempts targeting the American government and related entities, or my unkind comments on the key15th blog.

Since the previous episode of Code Geass seems to have failed to convince people that Clannad Man’s ‘apology’ is lacking in sincerity, I have taken it upon myself to heavily revise his full disclosure statement to demonstrate, in my opinion, what would have been the proper way to amend for this situation. Kastel has kindly offered to post this on his blog. Without further ado, read below, noting that the sentences in blue are my own editorial comments.

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Code Geass Man: Kastel of the Rebellion – Episode 26: But What About the Clannad Man?

Five minutes after I published my previous post, I tweeted how I wasn’t able to differentiate the Clannad Man drama and Code Geass because I was following the former and watching the latter at the same time. Both are entertaining trainwrecks that make no sense.

A few seconds later, Key15th updated. The lastest post: Clannad Man wrote a supposedly full disclosure of the Kickstarter post.

I laughed.

I clicked on the link and the post starts with:

I write to you today utterly dejected.


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The Clannad Man in “The Collapsing Stage”

Previously on “The Clannad Man Case”, Clannad Man went to #TLWiki. It didn’t work out well.

We move onto Act III of this disastrous play. It reminds me of the Spiderman Broadway musical a year ago. And Code Geass. While this post will be short, new information has surfaced. I have decided to share them for the shits and giggles as this Code Geass-like play is drawing to a close.

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The Conversation Between Clannad Man and Vava

Once upon a time, Clannad Man made a Kickstarter documentary project called key15th: A Visual Documentary. Key15th is a project where fans send letters to KEY. This Kickstarter is an off-shoot from this project. And this pissed people off. For starters, the documentary project didn’t state its itinerary and Clannad Man made no confirmation that he would meet any of KEY’s staff. It was also an illegal Kickstarter project because it was using Madoka Magica products as its rewards.

At about 10pm last night, fuji_fruit and his TLWiki friends were pissed about key15th as usual. One of them thought, “You know what, fuji, send a tweet to vava and see what happens.” And everyone thought it was a great idea. So fuji sent a tweet to vava.

vava is the president of Visual Arts, which owns KEY. At midnight, he tweeted:

ナニこれ。私は聞いてない。ということは、新しい詐欺なの? I have not heard. That means, new scam? RT @Fuji_fruit: @vavasyatyou

This naturally became a huge scandal.

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It Was a Waste of Time Reading Your Review

I recently read a original English visual novel called Katawa Shoujo and was told I should write a review about it. I was slightly reluctant, partially because I’m not sure my feelings warrant a writeup, partially because the last time I said something about visual novels I got like kViN wanting to fight me about my terrible opinions. Still, here we are.

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Living da $2,500 Life: On the Bourgeoisie Lifestyle of Mister Aroduc

I have recently found out Aroduc is translating Littlewitch Romanesque. He is asking for $2,500 so he can translate the work without getting a real job.

That’s a lot of money. And why does he need this?

I don’t have the time to take on a second project at the same time as also juggling the things I need to do to eat and live. If this is funded, I won’t need to worry about that stuff as much and will be able to devote some actual time here while continuing to work on Seinarukana. At the moment, I won’t finish translating Seinarukana for another 2-3 months so unless other life stuff is taken care of, I won’t be seriously working on this again until then at the absolute earliest (assuming no other significant issues with Seinarukana come up), and even then, if this stays as just a completely volunteer project, it’s entirely probable that I’ll have more pressing matters.

I will not comment on the bourgeoisie life Aroduc is living. But everyone will agree he is living da life. You see, $2,500 is a lot of money for two months. You could buy many things and live da life. It is like a dream come true. I would live on $2,500 on two months if people tell me to.

You should not donate to their holiday funds. After all, these people will use the Kickstarter money to not get actual jobs but to work on awful fan translations. Really, they’re asking to live on donations. What a scam.

So instead, I’ll use mathematics to prove Aroduc and his team are part of the bourgeois.

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