Ikikoi Translation Done!

It’s finally done. Ikikoi and I had a tumultuous relationship like an onii-chan and his imouto. It tested my love for SCA-JI and everything moe. And I will have to admit it overcame me. Rest in peace, Kastel, rest in peace.

Next VN project: some loli nukige shit. I hope spring comes soon so I can do other shit besides staying at home ;_;

The “Definition” of a Visual Novel


You might have read a short interview by Kai to me (it’s the last one) and thought, “Wow, Kastel, is your definition of a visual novel that vague? Anything with text? Really? Go back to reporting Clannad Man, you noob.”

Well, I like to retract my previous stance on the definition of visual novels. Instead, I offer you this new one: Visual novels do not have a definition. #wittgenstein #tractatus #derrida #deconstruction #yolo

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An Anonymous on Clannad Man’s Kickstarter Disclosure Post


Editorkastel Note: Someone contacted me to put this up, so I did. I did nothing to the work except put kawaii pictures. All credits go to this Anon.

Hi there, Anonymous here. You might know me from my infamy on 2ch and 4chan, my politically motivated hacking attempts targeting the American government and related entities, or my unkind comments on the key15th blog.

Since the previous episode of Code Geass seems to have failed to convince people that Clannad Man’s ‘apology’ is lacking in sincerity, I have taken it upon myself to heavily revise his full disclosure statement to demonstrate, in my opinion, what would have been the proper way to amend for this situation. Kastel has kindly offered to post this on his blog. Without further ado, read below, noting that the sentences in blue are my own editorial comments.

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