On the Self-Victimization and Truthiness on the Whole Debate of Free!


The Free! bonanza taught us two things:

  1. Both sides of the Free! spectrum are right and wrong for the wrong reasons. And they don’t realize it.
  2. People like to be victimized.

I like to focus on the latter as CureSumika has already tackled the first part himself. The rant is composed of a series of facts and truths. Instead of propaganda, misled readers will find out how much they are wrong. For example, KyoAni is composed of mostly girls. How hard is this for people to realize this fact?

But I feel the latter is worth talking about. While CureSumika has touched on it shallowly, it is worth going into this psychology field deeply. And how it all happened. It’s not a simple case of misogyny; I am also attacking the fujoshi community for this too. Let us not lie: both sides are acting they’re the victims. They try to cloud that fact by badmouthing each other. Sadly, their immature actions made it worse.

This essay is a discourse on how the (mis)information has caused fans on both sides to say, “I’m the victim here, not them!” And how every piece of faulty evidence in their reasoning suck.

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An Analysis of Valvrave the Liberator Episodes 1-3


The characteristic theme of Valvrave the Liberator is the difference between sexual identity and class. Therefore, the subject is contextualised into a capitalist objectivism that includes sexuality as a paradox. Sunrise promotes the use of the capitalist paradigm of expression to attack the status quo. The reasoning can therefore be quantified into an essay that may explain the themes of Valvrave.
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KGMBSP: Draws, Abortive Draws, Dealer Extension


We’ve been talking about how to play mahjong. But sometimes, these techniques won’t finish the hand for you. And the other three players might have trouble finishing it too. And so, what happens if none of the players can finish their hand by the time the live wall is done?

Well, it’s pretty obvious to everyone what the answer is: it’s a draw.

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KGMBSP: Open Hands, Pon, No Yaku, Yakuhai, Chii, Tanyao, Junchan, and Chanta


You might have realized getting to 4 sets and one pair is a bit of a pain. They are called closed hands; these are harder to make but they are the standard for a reason: they give you the most points. But what happens if your hand isn’t lesbian fast enough to make?

If that is the case, we must consider opening our hearts and hands.

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